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Factory or building in Poland for sale

At the moment this company is a factory for production of machined parts
(milling, turning etc.) as well as machine- and subassembly
However the building is suitable for various production possibilities.
The company is situated (between the German border Frankfurt Oder and Poznan) in
the ‘Free Economic Zone which offers various facilities and priorities.
E.g. NO profit tax till the year 2018 and also no real estate taxes, etc.
Extremely wel l located concerning roads in Poland as well as to Germany,
public transport etc
Activities and technical possibilities:
Machine assembly (inclusive engineering); assembly of modules; (spare)
parts production; mechanical components.
A complete machine assortment is available for conventional and
CNC milling, turning, welding, spark erosion, honing etc. and also hardening.
Further data:
• Building:1830m2 of which1542 m2 production area
and 288m2 offices (year of building:2007)
Building is prepared for cheap extension
• Land: 10.000 m2
• (Taxation)
Value building: € (on demand)
•Number of employees: about 20
• CEO educatedat university level
•Machine list:(Taxation)Value:about € (on demand)
The following possibilities are negotiable:
1.To buy the Sp. z o.o as its exists now.
2 To buy the Sp. z o.o
with the building but without machinery and employees,
in order to do another activity in the building and enjoy the above mentioned t
ax advantages
3.To buy only the building, without the company. Asking price:
€ (on demand)

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