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I am looking for an investor or Land for sale

Land of 6693 sqm, located Beius city, country Romania, in an area where there are several holiday cottages on a hill at an altitude of 300 m, at a distance of 3 km from Beiuş town , with a beautiful view where you can see the valley city and mountains Woods Moma. The city Beius is the center of bifurcation to tourist attractions in the Apuseni Mountains, where there are over 400 caves and some of them are open to the public.
Before it was built a very old house, but we demolished it and done a bigger foundation cement. Years ago it was planted vines, then later orchard fruit trees.On the land is a concrete foundation cement 8.50 x 5.sqm , street front 61m, electricity and spring water, forest road accessible for walking, ATVs, bicycles, road vehicles, access signal mobile and internet.
If desired, there is the possibility of being able to purchase more land.
In this area keeps traditions and popular craft. Over the year are folk festivals, it can taste traditional food and buy directly from farmers, all-natural, bio, without preservatives and very healthy. It is an ideal to have a holiday in this area where like time stopped in a wild nature.
Ideal to be cultivated fruit shrubs and can build Holiday house. .
Email: maribaets@yahoo.com
Telefon : 0049015773474567

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